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Porting maps


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1 hour ago, Stanhope said:

Are we talking about I&A or gauntlet?

I&A, just wanted know if I could transfer between maps so I can play on all different terrains and move the missions around ? Thanks 

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I have created a server where I took altis life's mission file and switched it to tanus so would it be the same process or how could I do this, does anyone know how to do it or has it not been done yet ? 

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I took the mission.sqm to the editor copied all the content opened a new map with tanus then I paste all the content and move it to positions I see suitable and then edit the init.sqf for the markers and traders and spawns.. thing is will it be the same process ? 

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Copy past all the thing in the altis mission files except the mission.sqm

On your map make new markers for AOs, FOBs, Reward spawn, respawn, base AA spawn, ...  (i'm prob forgetting some stuff)

After this go to the mainAOs.HPP And rewrite this to include the right markers and FOB things.
And finally go through all the mission files and look for any references to markers and/or positions you changed.

If you've done all of this there should only be a handful of bugs, caused by the transfer, left you have to fix.

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