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Invade & Annex 3 Version History And Feedback Thread

AhoyWorld Outreach

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On 7/18/2021 at 2:44 AM, MidnightRunner said:

- [Added] Chance for ATGMs on UAVs


uh,is this even necessary?

in fact,i´d rather love to see a decrease in UAVtools (1xGreyhawk,1 Sentinel by default,max 3 UAVdrones accessable at one time),get rid of the side reward chance to earn another Sentinel as UAVop has a shitload of tools accessable for 1 player only ( Spartan Gorgon,etc.)

we r talkin about a "chance for ATGMs for UAVs",which might give a twist for regular UAVops when using those - but i d like to take a chance on limiting the goddamn on their own performing UAV fuckup s i m facing any given Sunday






On 7/18/2021 at 2:44 AM, MidnightRunner said:

- [Added] Next AO hint and spawn delay


why is this even necessary to hint to players what the next AO will be 30sec ahead?

it s a impact in server performance/scripts on the regular for every AO imo and has barely any use for the players

i do approve testing different spawn delays for AO´s on game flow (1 min delay - 2 min delay - 5 min delay)






offtopic :

i do understand that there s a interest for new priority objectives,but i m tired of fighting all those com HQs and bunker shit in order to stop the overflow of enemy inf units (paratroopers) in a AO continuesly

Priority objs need to have a certain danger and consequence element attached to them so the public acknowledge it as a threat and is motivated to eleminate the consequence .

The perfect example there is the radiotower,that spawns jet in a certain time format (which also should be more randomized in time interval) and jets are a threat as well to our air elements as to the regular MBT camping that 3k off AO hill.

Why not even add more Kajmans and Xians into the chain of end AO reinforcement choppers to spice things up and not Hellcats and Mohawks getting shot mid landing or on approach,making it just another day in the office.



And for god sake,stop the use of the ammo truck as continues waves of fire with no end are happening.

Hence,i watched a bunch of pathetic nubkins spamming the Pygros with not only grenades launchers (static Mk19 GMG) but also static AT launchers which is way off normal logic.

Might edit the amount of ammo a ammo truck holds,but i guess that easily overruled once you drive over the FOB rearm points - or even let the respawn script kick in quicker and regardless of the 500m player range once the truck gets parked and has no driver ...

There s definatly no easy fix for this thinkable,as there s also the guys that do repair and rearm as a game service/fetish.

Addding to that there s not even a AW guideline in the admin team if this practice above is tolerated or frowned and if it needs actual moderation.

It highly depends on the indivual admin that s there at the time.



Also not to forget - OPTIMISATION of the mission file

Out of my experience,the mission runs fine for 3-4h on my end,the longer i play the more tight is my mission performance.

This wasnt always the case,i recall sessions of 10+ hours where i barely noticed issues regarding lagg or loading issues or partial game freeze for up to 40sec and more

Is there any possibility of sliming the mission and enhancing the long time performance?



While im at it,decrease the AO total count as on a 24h cycle there is no chance to keep the possibility of 456 AOs .

We barely ever achieve more than 3 of 5 FOBs in a day,which is also a point ot tweak (6-8 AOs then a FOB AO,6-8 AOs > nxt FOB AO,etc)

Or change the server restart time to 48h.


Well,there s more to pinpoint and discuss on,but i m stopping myself there.

Lookng forward to the community meeting or as i call it ....






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@TheScar a lot to unpack here so let me know if I miss something


  • ATGMs on UAVs: Something to add a little variety to the role, if it turns out to be unbalanced or negative to other players experience we can revert. 


  • AO Hint: For the most part it helps pilots not get caught with an AO underneath them. A few seconds warning is not enough for anyone to get an unfair advantage on the next AO but could allow pilot to dive and run. Again if this turns out to be the opposite we can always revert.


  • Command HQ & new sub obj feedback: Thanks, will discuss how to better balance these objectives. Feedback was generally good for these but can understand they may be too aggressive. Will also discuss % of drops by attack craft.


  •  Ammo trucks: Has been an issue from the start. Ammo trucks have a legitimate use and when used correctly are quite a positive thing but when used incorrectly are just game breaking. We have looked at several potential fixes but most options need a large rework of certain items which adds bloat to the mission. The admin team don't generally look well on this activity as it does fall under rule 4.2.1.Exploiting bugs, glitches, loopholes, exploits, … for personal gain will not be tolerated, but I do understand the mission has no automatic way of dealing with this when there is no admin present


  • Optimisation: When did you start noticing this? (Rough idea of when can indicate a version number when it started etc)


  • AO numbers: Reducing the overall number of AOs required to win, would require a change to the code but may not be difficult (honestly no idea what is required). I will discuss with the dev team.
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The new mortar sub seems to have trouble completing. Today I found that after dismantling the tubes the objective wouldn't complete, until after the backpack disappeared.

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4 hours ago, Havoc said:

The new mortar sub seems to have trouble completing. Today I found that after dismantling the tubes the objective wouldn't complete, until after the backpack disappeared.

I don't recall seeing "Disassemble" in the task description, but we'll fix it so there is no other option than to actually do what the task says: "Destroy" ....

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  • 2 weeks later...

Changelog for 3.4.08


- [Added] Prio mission Depot

- [Added] Prio mission Enemy F.A.R.P

- [Added] Player settings menu ([Home] key)


- [Fixed] Taru Pod destruction eventhandler

- [Fixed] Main AO SubObj Mortar disassembly

- [Fixed] Vehicle respawn script Taru Pod handling

- [Fixed] Don't draw medic icon on self if down


- [Tweaked] Main AO SubObj Mortar firing loop

- [Tweaked] Main AO SubObj repetition

- [Tweaked] Sidemission Destroyer despawn

- [Tweaked] Vehicle unflip action

- [Tweaked] Main AO garrison buildings

- [Tweaked] Seat restrictions (player is moved to cargo if seat is restricted)

- [Tweaked] Re-enabled Main AO heli spawns

- [Tweaked] AO reinforcement logic overhaul (Prio Factory/Depot/F.A.R.P)

- [Tweaked] Enemy air engagement function

- [Tweaked] Vehicle engine off if driver is killed/gets out/disconnects

- [Tweaked] Dead player bodies deletion from vehicles on disconnect

- [Tweaked] Main AO SubObjs Command and Comms

- [Tweaked] Prio mission repetition


- [Removed] Prio mission Vehicle Factory

- [Removed] Prio mission Heli Factory

- [Removed] Prio mission Infantry Factory

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the fact that the HOME button is used for accessing the PLAYER SETTINGs menu ingame is totally fkking up my gameplay,as i have it mapped to several key actions and now i m faced with the PLAYER SETTING menu everytime i cycle my grenades or raise my gear when piloting a chopper

i tried remapping it to a different (unused) key but cant  find the action in the key config ingame


i dislike


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Yeah, that would be the upper limit of CAS Helis (6) that can the active at once. The AO itself won't spawn more than 2, but if there is a Prio F.A.R.P or Sub Comms active, they will keep hitting that limit :)

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Changelog for 3.4.09


- [Added] Respawn vehicle admin option
- [Added] Sidemission Destroy Weapons Shipment: Officers/SQLs/TLs now drop intel
- [Added][Altis] Main AO faction randomization


- [Fixed] Enemy F.A.R.P not spawning any CAS helis
- [Fixed] CAS heli patrol script
- [Fixed] Prio Depot destruction timer


- [Tweaked] Size of Settings menu increased
- [Tweaked] Hotkey for Settings menu (Custom control 'Use Action 20')
- [Tweaked] Vehicle engine shut off when player dies/disconnects
- [Tweaked] Aiming coefficient lowered to 70% of Vanilla
- [Tweaked] SubObj Depot holdaction distance increased
- [Tweaked] Enemy fleeing value set to 0 (disabled)
- [Tweaked][Altis] F.O.B H-Barrier and helipads adjusted
- [Tweaked] Sensor and datalink settings for vehicles
- [Tweaked] Sidemission reward weight and blacklist
- [Tweaked] Backend code for how factions are handled
- [Tweaked] Backend code for how enemy groups and vehicles are spawned
- [Tweaked] Sidemission Destroyer cleanup code

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  • 2 weeks later...

playing this one last week and yesterday and (ofc) there s a few things i m not happy about

 know i bitched about the low enemy count/numbers and it certainly affected both main and side missions now


in the before versions AO´s always had min 1 ZSU to cover AA and most likely a MBT with 1-2 MRAPs or weaker

now there s barely a ZSU but (often) Nyx AA´s which barely is a threat at all (to air or  ground vehicles)


i ve gone for side mission "secure intel" last week and yesterday and both times the enemy count on this is increased by 4x than the previous setting for this mission giving it a total different outcome than we were used to since years (!)

I prefer d it to keep the "secure intel" missions as stock to its original form (3xCars,1 guard car,2-3 inf sqds and a version with officer and chopper) as possible,its the queen of side missions and takes a special kind of devotion to it in order to succeed

its unnecessary (imo) and unintended (i believe) by dev team that the raise of enemy numbers on side missions affects this one too and therefor changes the playout of the mission by a big step

people like me wont have alot of problems completing it but the rather unregular player will find this a excellent opportunity to bomb the shit ouf it due to the massive force he s facing or die in the process (alot)


in general,i m surprised how much more enemy i m facing on side missions compared to before versions of the mission,which is not necessarly a bad thing but it fucks up my logistics and supply routes much more than you d expect


kiss kiss

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On 9/12/2021 at 9:12 AM, TheScar said:

kiss kiss


The group count shouldn't have changed much, but it now uses the same group composition as for Main AOs, so the groups might be bigger, bumping the amount of enemies up.


We'll go over the group compositions and tone them down a bit. I think most of them are a 9 members at the moment, so maybe add a few 5-7 sized groups to level out the count.

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Changelog for 3.4.10

- [Added] Mk21 Centurion mounted Mora
- [Added] Workaround for respawn GUI not loading at mission start

- [Fixed] Sidemission Free IDAP cleanup
- [Fixed] Main AO remaining enemy logic
- [Fixed] Main AO name

- [Tweaked] Normalize Enhanced Rewards magazine count
- [Tweaked] Garrison building blacklist
- [Tweaked] Enemy group compositions
- [Tweaked] Chemlight attach/detach actions

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