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Invade & Annex 3 Version History And Feedback Thread

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This thread is going to be used to see the changelogs of the previous versions of Invade & Annex and the feedback we have received from them. Feedback will now be given within the thread containing the up to date version number. This is to make it easier for people to see the current version of the mission and should help them see if they are playing on an up to date version of the mission. 

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Version 3.00

  • Initial Release


Version 3.00.06

  • Includes Changelog for versions 3.00.00 to 3.00.06
  • [Updated] Revive
  • [Updated] Mission will end after X amount of AO's
  • [Fixed] FOB's not having arsenal and not spawning their Vehicles
  • [Fixed] FOB AO's not completing
  • [Fixed] Turret Control
  • [Fixed][Altis] Hunter Spawn was spawning Prowlers
  • [Fixed] script error with earplugs and now add ability to get earplugs from start.
  • [Fixed][Tanoa] enemy Cas spawn on Tanoa
  • [Fixed] enemy heli reinforcements for main AO
  • [Fixed] Priority Arty not spawning enemies.
  • [Fixed] AI at main AO would trap themselves in their formation and not move.
  • [Fixed] Friendly Fire Messages.
  • [Replaced] TAW VD with CHVD
  • [Added] Spotters Should now be able to get Ghillies.
  • [Added] Some checks in Main AO for which faction is mainFaction.
  • [Added][Altis] Expanded Safezone to include hill north of Main Spawn.
  • [Tweaked] Teleport AddActions should now only appear when FOB has been captured.


Version 3.00.07

  • [Fixed] Underwater Mission not deleting enemies once done.
  • [Fixed] View distance now on only arsenal men.
  • [Fixed] Addaction to spawn in hunter/prowler back to Arsenal man.
  • [Tweaked] Friendly Fire messages now come from Crossroads.
  • [Added] Added radio sounds to supports.
  • [Removed][Tanoa] Removed Yanukka AO.


Version 3.00.08

  • [Fixed] Player spamming radio callouts.
  • [Tweaked] UAV respawn is now 5 minutes.
  • [Tweaked] Arty should now take longer between firing.
  • [Tweaked] Rewrote pilot restriction.


Version 3.00.09

  • [Fixed] Huge error in the priority arti causing massive rpt spam.
  • [Tweaked] Chopper Down message delay reduced.


Version 3.00.10

[Fixed][Tanoa] AO's not working properly.
[Fixed][Tanoa] FOB Comms Bravo.


Version 3.1.1

  • [Fixed][Altis] AO's not working properly.
  • [Tweaked] Rewrote pilot restriction.
  • [Added] Safezone to main base
  • [Added] Added Prowlers to the respawn Vehicles
  • [Tweaked] UAV and plane repair pad's
  • [Added] TK protection


Version 3.1.2

  • [Fixed][Altis] AO's not working properly.
  • [Tweaked] Derp_revive
  • [Added] Prio AA mission
  • [Added] Runway light's
  • [Tweaked] Moved Vehicle pickup and Blackfish spawn added arsenal to vheicle lift
  • [Added] Refueling option's for smaller helo's


Version 3.1.3

  • [added] clear vehicle inventory option
  • [added] new side mission
  • [fixed] AOs will no longer enter deadlock
  • [fixed] AA side mission cleanup
  • [tweaked] Under the hood stuff for AO and side missions
  • [Fixed] Certain units spawning damaged
  • [Fixed][altis] Frini woods bugging out
  • [tweaked] zeus related stuff


Invade & Annex 3.1.4:

  • [added] USS Freedom
  • [added] Blackwasp and UCAV to the Freedom
  • [added] Blackwasp (both versions) and UCAV to side mission rewards
  • [tweaked] Rescue the pilot side mission bleedout timer is now 15 minutes
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Rescue Pilot side mission once spawned to the west of the main base at Selakano. It then promptly despawned itself. 

Another case where a side mission for capture the intel came up. This time it appeared as if the officer and his vehicles didn't spawn.

Sometimes side mission spawns as already completed or already failed.


Some of these I made Stan aware about and Im sure others are aware of them but better to put them down as text to make sure

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Invade & Annex  3.1.5

- [added] squad URL hint
- [added] Side mission reward: HEMTT mounted Praetorian and Spartan
- [added] Side mission reward: Unarmed Infantry Transport Xi'an
- [added] Side mission reward: LAT Hellcat
- [added] Side mission reward: AT, AA and .50 cal Offroad
- [added] Side mission reward: Armed Qilin
- [Fixed] UAV rearm pad not working for certain UAVs
- [Fixed] Rewards spawning damaged
- [Fixed] Pawnee camos not displaying correctly
- [tweaked] Side mission reward spawn rate


Currently live on EU1, EU2 and EU4.

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  • 1 month later...

Invade and Annex 3.2.0 is going live with the following changes:


General Changes:

- [added] Random ghosthawk camos
- [added] Random black wasp camos
- [added] AA for the USS freedom
- [added] Random loadouts for respawning jets
- [added] Nato or black skins for some FOB vehicles
- [added] System that prevents unplayable levels of fog
- [added] Nato or black skins for some side mission rewards
- [Fixed] Typo in earplugs hint
- [tweaked] Service pad speed
- [tweaked] UCAV respawn timer
- [tweaked] Prio AA now spawns 3x AA assets
- [tweaked] Black Wasp respawn timer and loadout
- [tweaked] Ammo in AT/AA offroad (side mission reward)
- [tweaked] Base AA is now a Praetorian 1C (AAA turret)
- [tweaked] Under the hood stuff for zeus
- [tweaked] Under the hood stuff for main AO
- [tweaked] Under the hood stuff for side missions
- [tweaked] Under the hood stuff for side mission rewards
- [tweaked] Under the hood stuff for prio AA and arty objective
- [tweaked] Under the hood stuff for teleporting to the carrier


Altis Changes:
- [tweaked] Placements of the carrier
- [tweaked] Placements of things on the carrier
- [removed] Arsenal on the carrier


Tanoa Changes:

- [tweaked] Placements of the carrier
- [tweaked] Placements of things on the carrier

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Bit of a bug on EU5 Malden server. The priority objective anti-air spawned -- http://imgur.com/a/8h3lQ. As you can see from these screenshots it started off a bit funny. Some H-barriers seemed to be pointed the wrong way. Is this intentional or was there a typo when setting their direction. After it had spawned like this they shot down a Greyhawk UAV. All was well. However after this the Spartan and Centurion began to fire at the ground repeatedly on a timed delay. It was once every 5 or so seconds. The Tigris also fired its HE rounds in the direction it faced but this had no effect. The Spartan didnt do much other than create craters as seen, the Centurion however destroyed the Spartan on its second or third rocket, then the tigris crew seemed to die (icon when to purple then vehicle was empty), possibly Centurion aswell? Then the centurion shot 1 last rocket in the same location, at the H-barrier and proceeded to blow up. Fastest clearance of an AA battery I've ever seen. At the time I did not know of anything in the air other than that one greyhawk that was shot down at the start. Maybe they were still targeting even though it was destroyed, who knows.

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@McKillen Because of how the H-barriers are spawned in it sometimes takes some time before the server realizes that they should've been turned.  

And the AA shooting at the ground is because we tell it to engage any air contact within a certain range.  If this air target is behind terrain the AA will still shoot because AI aren't the smartest guys around.

We'll look into a way of fixing it.

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Back to UAVs


how often did I read this by now don't know but there is a problem with the I&A 3.2

that should be fixed.

The UAV Service at main base dosn't work sometimes (Date: 09.07.2017 8am CET).



I mean I have no problem with that there is also a UAV Service on the Carrier and it's large enough

to house 1 Sentinel and 2 Grayhawks but the point is the UAV Service at base is broken that shouldn't be and sometimes the Grayhawks like to move independently even if autonomous mode is turned off(Drive off the Carrier or into a forest).


At this point it would be nice if the UAV Service could service multiple UAVs at a time.





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1 hour ago, Sentri said:

The UAV Service at main base dosn't work sometimes (Date: 09.07.2017 8am CET).

So sometimes it does work?  Or does it not work ever?


1 hour ago, Sentri said:

I mean I have no problem with that there is also a UAV Service on the Carrier and it's large enough

Actually it's an Air service pad.  UAVs, helis and planes can all be serviced there.  Depending on what it is it will take more or less time ofc.

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  • 2 weeks later...

We are happy to announce that we have released 3.2.1 onto all our servers:


General changes:

  • [added] Random Huron camos
  • [added] Billboards advertising AWE
  • [added] Two new ground vehicle rewards
  • [Fixed] Destroyed radiotowers now despawn
  • [Fixed] Incorrect link appeared when you spawn
  • [tweaked] Pilot spawn restricted to pilots
  • [tweaked] Under the hood stuff for Zeus
  • [tweaked] Under the hood stuff for carrier AA
  • [tweaked] Under the hood stuff for side missions
  • [tweaked] Under the hood stuff for prio AA objective
  • [tweaked] Under the hood stuff for blacklisting co-pilots 

Malden changes:

  • [tweaked] Moved some stuff around in base
  • [Fixed] Le Port AO bugging out
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We're aware of the issue and are looking into it but more information is always welcome.


What we mainly need to know is:

-which ao bugged out (terminal we believe)

-what the previous ao was

-wheter it's always the same ao bugging out or whether an ao always bugs out after a certain ao



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I rarely get to play the clockwise AO-cycle. Whenever I played on the anti-clockwise cycle, I know 'Secure Telos' was bugged on two separate occasions. 'Secure Terminal' was the first time it bugged from my experience.

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2 hours ago, Patrik_swe said:

t all wrong I seen it on other Aos besides terminal and thelos but dont remember names right now.


I have the names of multiple AOs, but the issue is we need more than just the one name. People come and say "Hey 'this' AO bugged out" Which is all very well and IS helpful. But to find out how it bugged out would be nearly impossible which is why as @Stanhope said, we need current and previous AO.

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A little heads up:


We're  aware of the priority AA objective's new targeting loop not properly working and working on a hotfix.  I can't really give a timeline on how fast this hotfix will be released but if we cannot get a fixed in a reasonable amount of time we'll revert back to the older AA targeting system. 

If anyone is wondering why we've updated the AA targeting system, we noticed how it started shooting at a blufor air asset even if it couldn't actually see this asset.  The new system was supposed to fix this.


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  • 2 weeks later...

General Changes:

- [Added] New side mission rewards
- [Added] New side mission, the old Kavala/Pyrgos CQC mission
- [Fixed] Side missions will not spawn on FOBs any more
- [Fixed] Jet service notification displaying the wrong number
- [Tweaked] Side mission rewards spawn rate


Altis Changes:

- [added] Vehicle service station at FOB guardian

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3.2.4 is live on public servers, changelog;


General Changes:

- [added] New priority objective, factory
- [tweaked] TK messages
- [tweaked] Under the hood things for zeus
- [tweaked] Under the hood things for the CQC side mission
- [tweaked] Verious other under the hood tweaks


Altis Changes:

- [Fixed] AOs near FOB guardian bugging out

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3.2.5 was pushed onto all public servers earlier today, change-log;


General Changes:

- [added] Actual FOB things to the FOBs
- [tweaked] AO spawn order
- [tweaked] CQC side mission
- [tweaked] Protect UN forces side mission
- [tweaked] Various things for the prio factory mission
- [tweaked] Multiple under the hood changes to several things

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