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"Play your Role"

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You need to do what your told, you need to have the right equipment for your role, follow the rules, and have the correct equipment for your situation. If you are clearing buildings, don't take a .50 cal sniper to a CQB. 

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  1. To first and most important quote the rule (Nr.8) itself:
    • "If not a Medic or Engineer, son´t carry explosives or massive amounts of medical gear.
    • If no Medic or Engineer is online, seek permisson from your superior. Use gear specific to your faction. If you´re in the field and run out of ammunition, ask permission before picking up an enemy weapon.
    • Don´t overdo your loadout. A 40kg Rifleman is not acceptable."
  2. Now to my points:
    • Use gear specific to your class (don´t take 5x blue smoke if you are LAT because you are usually don´t the guy marking an LZ and if you are... it´s not 5 times in a row...; pick an AR as Autorifleman; only pick a backpack if really needed like as AR-Assistant or engineer, etc; ...)
    • use appropriate/protective gear: usefull vest, helmet
    • follow the CoC (don´t give orders when you are not in command; "listen to orders from your superior, and implement them to the best of your abilities.")
    • keep your weight as close as possible to the original weight of the class
    • and just play your role! (be the guy laying down suppressive fire as AR, be the guy laying down explosives as Eng, etc; just apply common sense!!)
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My personal opinion, related to playing your role in gauntlet only (and not for example in game nights or zeus ops):


Whichever role you play you'll always be a soldier.  Because of this you should always have at least a gun.  I personally never take anything less than a 5.56 but i guess for someone who doesn't expect to ever receive contact (so basically only pilots) it's okay to take a 9mm as a primary or only a secondary.
You'll also always have to listen to the chain of command, but let's not go to deep into that here.  And if you're expecting to be shot at wear proper protection. On top of this you should always play the specific role you selected in the lobby, so no marksmen running around with sniper rifles, no auto-riflemen running around with normal weapons, ...

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1 hour ago, D34TH said:

"Play your role" = Be a man ...

That's funny because most of the players are not fully grown up yet and some of the ones that have still behave like spoiled brats.


AWE is teamwork so if you die because you are not wearing proper gear (uniforms, vests, helmets, correct weapons, ammo, weight) than you will be messing with teamwork and command objectives.

Follow command, if you think you can do better take the role. If you are not in a command don't even try to give orders to everyone.

Let command lay the plans to attack and squads/teams to make it work on the field.

If you have a idea to improve the plan, share it, but don't forget that its command that will decide if it is to be implemented or not.

Don't micro manage. PCO commands SLs and Support teams, SLs command their own teams. TLs lead the team into the field. PCO shouldn't command TLs, SLs shouldn't give individual orders to team members.


I could go on in shouldn't or should or can't and can, but in the end it all depends on the individual player mentality and how he see's AWE gameplay.

You can have a full book of rules with every aspect of gameplay covered but by then you would have already lost all of your player base.

On the other hand, if you don't have a full page if rules to follow, people will do whatever they want because "its not in the rules".


In my honest opinion, rules should only be:

  1. Follow command structure, command will have final say in any given discussion about gear, weapons, vehicles or plan.
  2. Respect other players and do your best to be a part of the team that you signed up, only play that role.

And a reminder to anyone that "command structure" is PCO -> SLs (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie) -> TLs. Every other team are support teams, they don't take leadership.

Players that break command structure or don't respect others should be dealt by moderators.

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3 hours ago, Colsta said:

I've seen a few "take appropriate gear", "correct equipment".

What's this to you, I'm curious?

As an answer I will simply repeat my specific point on this:

20 hours ago, Noah_Hero said:

use appropriate/protective gear: usefull vest, helmet

And with usefull vest I mean a vest that offers a protection and is not just a netting thing or something similar. Same goes obviously for the helmets: they have to offer protection! I am especially excluding with this these silly skater helmets wich don´t offer any protection but are still sometimes taken by some idiots I don´t want to name here.

And to give an example for what to wear best/the at the moment best possible protection on AWE is offered by:

  • Vest: SPC Crewman, SPC IAR, SPC Light (better pick the next one since it offers the same protection but offers more load while having the same weight), SPC Machinegunner or SPC Patchless (same as SPC Light but without USMC patch); (all these are USMC vests from the RHS USAF mod. They offer the same protection but have different weights and loading capacities...so there should be something for everyone in between those.)
  • helmet: Enhanced Combat Helmet; (yes that is the vanilla one)

So if you want to use good gear use these and you are able to take at least one bullet more. Even to the head.

(And as I already pointed out in a different topic: If you want to look up the exact stats of gear do that in the Virtual Arsenal and not in the arsenal on AWE since the stats on AWE are mostly wrong.)

*Edit*: If you don´t like the USMC stuff or just favor the US Army stuff you can also stick to the SPCS vests. These ones offer a bit lower protection when compared to the SPC vests (and especially to the ones I pointed out) but still offer a very good one (and yes they have the same hitboxes as the usual OCP/UCP ones even though that they are looking way smaller=>they are offering protection on places where no part of the vest is). But if you don´t like the Enhanced Combat Helmet than you´ve got a problem because that one is really by far the best one and there is just no substitution for this one on AWE. If you like the BAF stuff then you also got a problem because these vests just offer way less protection meaning that you´ll die like 2 bullets faster.



Stay save, don´t be an idiot and best regards


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Take what you need to do YOUR job and your job only, nothing more unless otherwise told so! If you end up getting killed because of your shit equipment you can't perform your job, and thus you are not playing your role.


That and any action that may result in mission failure, teammates dying around you and broken assets.

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12 hours ago, JaSmAn said:

The clue is in the definition of "role", which according to that so infrequently used tool called the dictionary is: the position or purpose that someone or something has in a situation


Position - where you sit in the hierarchy - obey orders. Don't give them if you're not supposed to.

Purpose - what are you there to do? Do you have the right kit to do it? In other words, let the medics do their stuff, pilots to their stuff, etc. Do what's expected of you and respect what others do.

Situation - Know the mission, know the orders. Adapt accordingly. Play according to the situation. For example, my AT guy gets killed, I'm the Medic, his AT launcher is right there and the BMP that is killing my teammates is within range. Should I, as the medic, shoot the BMP? I think yes, the situation demands it. Does that mean that I as the medic walk around with an AT launcher just in case? No.



Absolutely this. I'd be writing the point out here in my own words.

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