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[EU1/EU2 TBC] Operation Baker


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Name: Operation Baker


When: 24/05/17

Time: 1900 UK Local (GMT +1). Check here for your local time!

Expected length: 2 hours


Server: EU1/EU2. It will be decided at the start time of the event


Hosted By: Chutnut (Spartan)


It is highly recommended that players join Teamspeak during the event.


Description: Defecting CSAT Scientist's are defecting to NATO, They wish to continue their work but for NATO, Your job is to transport these scientists and defend the facility they worked in until they have set up everything, Expect CSAT to respond to this, You will be able to hold out the facility with weapons and vehicular armament provided.



A164 or Black wasp (Players may only choose 1)



Panther or Marshall (Players may only choose 1)

Two transport trucks (One will hold the scientists)

Two Prowlers/Hunters


Other notes:

If the scientist's die the mission will not fail and instead some of our own (NATO) Scientist's will arrive instead and instead of setting up the work will retrieve the work they have for analysis.



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