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AhoyWorld Outreach Public Announcement

AhoyWorld Outreach

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We are pleased to introduce a new team within AhoyWorld - “Outreach”. This team will be responsible for media distribution and communications within and outside AhoyWorld.


What are our aims?


The team has two main objectives within AhoyWorld. The first is to ensure that the staff have clear lines of effective communication with the AhoyWorld community. This is to ensure that any announcements are transparent and made to a professional standard.


The second aim is to increase the social media presence of AhoyWorld on all social media platforms. We believe this will improve player interaction through social media and will promote the community and the AhoyWorld servers, with important announcements also appearing on our social media.

This also means production of new media to promote AhoyWorld servers, and encourage greater player attraction  to  our community.


Our team


We are a five man team that consists of both players and staff members. This is to ensure that we can get feedback on updates from all levels of the community before changes are made and the announcements are published. We have decided on a team that will attempt to represent both our public servers and the Enhanced server equally.


  • MuckDuck - Team Lead
  • Ghostdragon - Website Coordinator
  • D.Devil - I&A Coordinator
  • Amentes - Spartan Contact
  • Kingfisher - Media Coordinator
  • Origins


We feel that the Outreach initiative will open up new and transparent avenues of communication to benefit the community as a whole. As such we hope to engage you all in discussion and get everyone involved in the goings-on of AhoyWorld.



The Outreach Team

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