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Jets DLC Sensor Range vs. View Distance


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Your test results are here, Amentes!


Since you doubted that the new sensor's detection range goes beyond the player's view distance, I ran a quick test.

Spawned a Mi-48 above Molos Airfield (few hundred meters in the air to eliminate ground noise for the radar) and took off in a F/A-181 from Altis International (distance Altis International - Molos Airfield: ~15 km). My view distance is around 4250, i could lock that Mi-48 for AMRAAMs at more than 10 km - well above my view distance.


Thought you guys might be interested in this.

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1 minute ago, Cryo said:

100% balanced :D


(no seriously this is how it work normally IRL (I think))


It is how radar and other sensors work in reality. And it is balanced in my opinion, or at least can be.


See, I had to spawn the Mi-48 high up in the sky (at an altitude you wouldn't normally fly a helicopter at with AA or air-to-air threats) so that the radar reflection from the ground doesn't eliminate the helicopter's reflection. So, against fighter jets, just fly low, slow and without active sensors and they might just not see you at all or only at a much much closer range. Next, I had no AAA or hostile CAP to worry about, it was just the Kajman and me. Now normally, you fly with your radar off, because tracing the signal back to its source is even easier than using it to detect stuff yourself. Thus, I probably would't be flying with active radar looking for targets to avoid getting detected by enemy forces in a combat environment.


Now all this is indeed not balanced at all on the I&A servers because CSAT has complete air superiority there. The players get no counter to the relatively frequently spawning Shikras and Gryphons. As far as I know, at least the Shikra outruns the Cheetah's AA capabilities (Iranzan and Scar both reported not being able to take down a single Shikra that was not going for a landing) and all we get for CAP duties is a Buzzard AA, a plane that has struggles taking on Neophrons and Wipeouts, both ground attack aircraft and not fighter jets.

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12 minutes ago, ansin11 said:

I would do a few days of testing on the public server with a respawning F/A-181 Black Wasp II running AA loadout.

I agree some upgrade to the buzzard is probably needed. Don't you think the gryphon would be good enough?

Also I recommend making a new topic for the idea.

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I don't fly the Gryphon much, but I know that it is slower than both the Shikra and Black Wasp II. Both the NATO and CSAT jets are available in stealth variants, I don't know wich variant spawns in I&A, but obviously the stealth technology offers advantages in defensive flying. 

I would leave this judgement to a better pilot like you tho, Jason. 

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I haven't spent that much time with the new jets but the Gryphon's performance is WAY better than the buzzard, it is so much faster and better equipped. I don't know about the sensor differences but the gryphon may be better in that way as well.

I know usually the enemy only gets Neophrons, I don't know if the Gryhons we saw today are normal or just a zeus thing?

Regarding stealth I haven't tested it at all, but for I&A I only expect it to be useful against enemy AAA and therefore not so important for an AA jet.

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Buzzard AA seems more like a ground attack aircraft with air-to-air missiles. The Gryphon is indeed better sensor-wise. Stealth is a pretty major factor against fifth-generation fighter jets such as the Shikra and the F/A-181; you can't shoot what you can't detect, and as the initial test done for this thread shows we are talking about a few kilometers here.

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