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New guy looking for a battle


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I am an 18 years old and I have never done any arma 3 operation simulations, however I am looking to learn the basics and start doing them as soon as possible!

PS: How do I enroll in the enhanced operations? 

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Hello there!


Never played ARMA before? Once U are on the vanilla server, do look out for members (AW) or (AW Veteran), donators (AW+) or staff (AW Staff). Most important thing is to not teamkill. Report them in using this link.


Once U are comfortable, U can use the ARMASYNC to download mods for better experience and more advanced gameplay.



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On 16/5/2017 at 4:28 PM, Stip said:



If you need any help joining AWE , give me a shout and ill help you get on.. lots of people on the server will help you

out on the server itself to help you get your bearings and learn the ropes!



Hello, I have downloaded the mods and installed task force radio, it should work but i never used it before. I'm playing arma3 now for about 4 mounts, so still a noob, but wound to get in to the more realistic game play. Is it still to early for that? What do you think i shout do?

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Try to get used to ACE and all that stuff a little bit (you can try that in the Editor or Virtual Arsenal for example) also you can read the guides here on the forum (https://forums.ahoyworld.net/forum/96-guides/) for getting used to things and to get a general idea of how things on AWE work so that you are not overwhelmed when you first join.:)

When you have a general idea on how that stuff works (like knowing the basic keybindings) feel free to join AWE and even on the server you´ll always find willing people to help and guide you.:)


But also as @fir_nev posted above: make sure to read and understand the rules (https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/7678-ahoyworld-enhanced-rules-and-guidelines/). They are pretty simple and don´t need any interpretation.:)



Best regards and hope to see you soon on the battlefield

Noah :);)


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3 hours ago, Stip said:

Try to ask your question at the appropriate times though, a teamleader doesnt have time

to explain how to properly range your rifle when he is calling in an airstrike because @MoonFire is screaming "Broken Arrow".


@Stip I agree it can be hard when I do start screaming all sorts when we get caught with our trousers down because at the end of the day with this AI we will get pinned down and MAT is only a three man team. 


Also I do try and help out on the spot but its quite hard when you're getting shelled by a mortor, taking MG fire and 120mm HE shells from MBT's.



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