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Move that gear up!


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So, with the majority of worries from my exam behind me and a three day weekend as reward, I decided it is time to build another mission.


  • 3 teams, each on another side (Bluefor, Opfor and Independent). Each team having 6/8/12 players.
  • Each Team has a maximum amount of respawn tickets, was thinking about 100 or 75 for each team.
  • All Team are put in an arena (location still to be decided) to fight each other.
  • Winning team can be determined in 2 ways:
    • Last team standing
    • After X minutes, the team with the most control points wins.
      • Control points are locations that can be captured by a side.
  • Each time has a limited pool of vehicles, airdrops and fire support avaible at the beginning of a round.
  • When a team wins, mission gets reset and teams get other spawns.
  • Playing best out of 3/4/5 to determine real winner.


Some extra information:

  • Loadouts are restricted to base loadouts, but can be modified using the supplies at your respawn.
  • Avaible loadouts are:
    • AT rifleman
    • Marksman
    • Demo specialist
    • Rifleman
    • Medic
    • UAV operator
    • Autorifleman


So that's it, what do you guys think? Please put all your feedback down below, what do I need to add? What needs to be changed or is this a plain stupid idea? :D


Your friendly neighborhood Cryo



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