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The crazy training/testing hour

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The idea is to have once per week//month//year a different "crazy training"/testing hour consisting of :

1 any mod allowed /  debug on

2 use any gear//vehicle



reason: while doing all of the above on local  is possible, testing some scripts and how a mod would work in the real multiplayer Gauntlet environment is unmatchable + the use of any gear or asset no matter the role would be a fun way to crazy train and let off some precisely colored steam (latter part doable only in the server) and make it easier to comply with the complexities present in the rest of the time imo (+could also test AI response to unusual assets and methods being thrown at them)


doability: i do not know


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Well, if you wanted to test if a bradley can survive 20 large IEDs placed directly underneath it, I can tell you right now:


It can...?




What exactly would you want to test, though? I imagine doing something equally stupid in large scale would lag the server pretty hard.

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