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"DUKE activated"

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It's a radio frequency jammer. It is supposed to jamm transmissions in vicinity, making RCIED (remote controlled IEDs) triggered by radio/wi-fi/mobile phone unable to receive detonation signal, while jamming source (vehicle) is in vicinity.


It *MIGHT* protect against IEDs triggered by passive sensors (pressure plate, movement detection, laser trigger), but only if the sensor delivers trigger signal to the IED by wireless. If it's by metalic wire - which is more likely - it will not help.


I am not sure, if DUKE can IRL interferre with comm systems of vehicle's crew. I suppose it depends on how aggressively it's currently configured.

In ARMA, there is no configuration and it does not interfere with comms AFAIK.

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Whenever possible, you would be on another frequency band than the one you're jamming.


E.g. cellphones operate on "three bands (900/1,800/1,900 MHz or 850/1,800/1,900 MHz) or four bands (850/900/1,800/1,900 MHz)" (Source: Wikipedia). Since this information is known, you can specifically target those. DUKE could be configured to jam 700 - 1000 MHz / 1700 - 2000 MHz to neutralise all cell phone signals in the area, while vehicle crew would operate on any frequency outside those ranges.


One example I know where it wasn't possible to use a different band was during the CSAR of Scott O'Grady in the Balkans, back in 1995. EA-6B Prowlers and EF-111A Ravens were tasked to jam all frequencies they thought the Bosnian Serbs could use, so they wouldn't be able to report sightings, radio in reinforcements, use their anti-air defences, .... While effective in blocking the enemy movement, comms were also near-impossible for the 200+ NATO aircraft that were airborne within a very wide radius (+100NM). (Source: NATO AWACS Operator during that mission)

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