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Gauntlet download ?

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1 minute ago, Lost Bullet said:

You can host it locally as is and just disable the TS plugin (if necessary after spawning in if you get the black screen)


Failing that @Ryko is your man to answer how to remove it.


I'd assume it runs on a script or inside of playerinit but I'm a noob so :D

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@Ryko thank you! the nag screen is gone. I must be doing something wrong though, as i can't access the arsenal or start any mission whatsoever (52w version on Altis, hosted on LAN or internet , 1,16 or 68 players, not touching any setting) ...:huh:

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@D34TH I am no expert but you may have enabled the parameter that disables gauntlet from running inside the mission. When yoiu launch make sure you have the rights parameters. You should be able to change then if you are the host or you can vote yourself admin. 


Like I said I am no expert and don't know if this is the problem but it is my guess,



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@Ryko @BenjaminHL I managed to start gauntlet manually by selecting No for the automatic start parameter and slotting in as ASL or PlatCo since the missioncontrol.sqf and the findhighestranking.sqf seem to badly desire this in a way i don't yet understand... :) (not even a captain rank as pilot gets the inCommand happy so as to gives access to the mission control actions) .

I can't get the arsenal to work though nor get gauntlet to autostart, not to mention become the almighty isZeus....

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