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Im New


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1 hour ago, Happyman88 said:

Hey guys,

Im new to Arma and this fourm. Any pointers or tips and tricks are welcomed


ProTips when playing on AW servers:

  1. Do not troll / TK / waste assets
  2. If AO is just beside base, suggest U drive
  3. Wanna pilot a chopper? Get good in the Editor or Showcase
  4. U can teleport between base and FOBs (if they are unlocked)

If U wanna report players:


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Hey there and Welcome to Arma/Ahoy.

 If you ever see me on EU1 you are more than welcome to join my squad and if its locked just let me know that you would like to join and I will do my best to answer any of your questions about arma 3 and such.




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