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bring back Pygros + Kavalalalalala side missions



title says it all - bring back those two most favourable and great side missions from I+A 2.x

Not only they were a great example of a coop mission requiring team effort to succeed,they both offer a challenge and a certain demand to enclosed engagements

+ vehicles rarely help in this mission




DESTROY WEAPON CACHE > Kavalala + Pygros

find and destroy a weapon cache box in a urban city enviroment

close quarter combat,enemies in houses and patrols on the streets,pure infantry combat 90% of times







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38 minutes ago, TheScar said:

great side missions from I+A 2.x



i mean,they already were in and i dont see the coding has changed that much from 2 to 3 so you need to "rewrite" em,unless there s some "copyright" issue with the original maker of it ...




dont get me wrong,not to demand here like a (usual) entiteld prick - i just like to avoid to sink myself in the editor (once again,stopped on A2) and (re-)learning all that code stuff from you people that breathe cryptic

Also,i assumed its just a simple copy+paste and some minor edit to the mission.

The displayed markers on current side missions dont show correctly anyway,so ... :D


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16 minutes ago, TheScar said:

No need Sir,i ll give it a try myself - no need to cut resources when teh old edit and copypaste Clown cant figure this out himself

Now,where s my pencil and my monkeys ....

Gimme a month/year/century



This is why I barely graduated from my Computer Engineering course.

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Agreed those missions were pretty good and often create some great teamwork since it can't be completed by a single AT guy 2km away on a hill :) .


I would have thought it would be 90+% copy/paste as it's a fairly simple mission, place supply cache in a city, spawn CSAT, add interaction to complete, all of which is already made...

Anything else needed must have already been done for the other side missions that are in I&A 3

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