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[AWE] [GAMENIGHT] Operation Cyclone - Benjamin Levine [30/04/17)


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Event Date: 4/30/17

Event Time: 6:30 PM GMT 


Mission Name: Operation Cyclone


Mission Basic Information:


Bulfor Faction: Mujaheddin lead by CIA

Opfor Faction: Russian VDV

Map: Takistan


JIP: Yes

Respawn: Yes (Reinsert will be determined by Zeus)

Arsenal: Very Limited 

Max Players: 30 

Approx time to complete: 90-120 mins

AWE Mods


Mission Brief: As a Mujaheddin cell, lead by a small team of CIA operatives, use advanced weaponry to conduct guerrilla warfare against the more powerful Soviet forces in the Area. Use hit and run tactics along with disrupting key supply lines and logistics to accomplish your mission. Your main objective is to disrupt enemy air activity in the mountains of Northern Afghanistan. Rival rebel groups have also been spotted in the area trying to capitalise on the unrest in the region. 


Sign Uphttps://goo.gl/forms/bGMaNbZtR362Axt82


Background Information: When the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in the 1980s the CIA along with other NATO countries supplied rebel groups with advanced weaponry to combat the Soviet Union in what is now know to be called Operation Cyclone. 


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Operation ran successfully, thank you to all that attended and made it a very fun night!


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