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Yo-yo yiggidy-yo!


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I'm quite new to ArmA, and even newer to I&A, but I've been playing it on AhoyWorld quite a bit lately, and @fir_nev suggested me to join the forums, so why not?


Also I have mostly been playing on EU#1, and a couple of hours on EU#2 late in the night when there were more people there (:

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3 minutes ago, kebabelele said:

I've seen you around quite a lot too, it has been really fun playing on AW!







except deez stoopid AA's


Maybe im a bit too addicted, clocked 9 hours gametime today......


Ouch :P 

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2 hours ago, GamerbugUK said:

You listetened to Fir? Why?


Hey! Hey! Don't make me sound like a bad guy, ok! I AM A NICE GUY! Just think of me as a football scout. 


Enough about me. I have been playing with him and I thought his cooperative mentality is useful both on server and here. I am glad that U signed up here and I look forward to Ur useful inputs!

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