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[AWE] [GAMENIGHT] Operation Valkyrie - Tutvys [29/04/17]


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Event Date: 29 April 2017

Event Time: 19:30 (For Commander, SL's and TL's) and 20:00 (UK LOCAL - GMT +1) for the rest. Check what time it is for you!



Mission Name: Operation Valkyrie


Brief Summary: 23:58, 11th July, 2008 - Autonomous region of Chernarus. It's been a year since the first actions were taken incorporating Chernarus into Russian Federation. The new occupant force and local traitors have established a new, pro-russian government. Raids in the middle of the night, pillaging of entire towns, these Russian Pigs have no soul, nor mercy. It's up to us to decide the outcome of Our Land, Our History, Our Freedom! 

This is a 3 part campaign, he has been working for some time, this is the first part - further will be scheduled (dependent on th. You'll be limited to supplies so you better scavange for anything you find. Whole campaign, each phase will have its Main and Side objectives. Finishing Side objectives grants you rewards. The campaign is run by Zeus.


Cover Image:20161230015518_1.jpg.0198f3a85be05689fc3f1a89b735e7e2.jpg


Player slots: Guerilla force. 26 slots rest JIP slots. Rennaisance Squad(Inf.): SL, Medic; R1: TL, Rifleman x2, Marksman, Granadier; R2: TL, Engineer, Rifleman, AA Specialist, AA Assistant; Darklight Squad(Multipurpose/Specialforces Inf): SL, Medic, Rifleman, Rifleman. Troy(Armor - If other slots are filled) - Commander, Gunner, Driver; Policeforce(JIP)


Sign Up: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1OnWcBfydS9-K-z0QY9fcnJdCDAB3MFkby2UFZZvlI7I/edit 


Expected Mission Length: 3 hours.


Mods required: Regular AWE modpack


Server slots: 40

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  • Copey featured this topic
6 hours ago, LEO said:

btw the sign up is locked for players that dont have a google acount. ( at the least it was in my case) soo i had to log in to google to sign up

Leo, you don´t need to sign up...we all know you will be as always our Engineer.;):lol:

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Gamenight did not run due to technical difficulties and will be rescheduled upon confirmation of resolution of issues.


Expect a 1 week notice when this occurs


Sent from my ONEPLUS 3T using a phone app that is really irritating because it constantly advertises itself.



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  • 3 weeks later...
3 minutes ago, JaSmAn said:

Haha, shoot, you're right. I thought this was for Tut's upcoming one next week! 


There's not one to my knowledge. If there is, it'll be announced in a timely fashion, worry not.

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17 minutes ago, Tutvys said:

Event will be happening this saturday as far as I know.



Yes, @Copey gave a shout out to all of us on the mission last Saturday. I'm sure he will add the event to the news page soon enough. Sorry I will miss it!


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21 hours ago, Copey said:

FAO All:


Mission will be re-run this Saturday, as the mission has been entirely remade by Tut. We hope this has fixed the issues preventing it from running correctly last time, and we thank you for your patience.




Will there be a new link to Sing-Up or is it the old one?

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Mission Setting is.....AWESOME!

I really like running the Archilles team. Just the Light at the beginning of the mission made it impossible to engage our targets.


Would love to keep going in the Campaign!


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