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Hi guys a little update 


We are starting to transfer servers to the new server park 


This will mean several things 

1 some ip'so will change (mainly eu#2 and eu#4) ip to follow 

And some servers will have some downtime for the transfer to happen 


Asoon as we got eu#2 and #4 up and running we gonna start with the transfer off eu#1 and our TS server 

This will be done on a new server then we will ask our provider to remove and install the new server on the old position in the rack so we can keep our IP 

This might take some time so Asoon  as we start there expect some downtime on Eu#1 and Ts 


We will try and load a backup ts more info on that to follow 


Any questions plz ask them in here or PM @S0zi0p4th 


Greetings Sozio 

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