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Manual Helo Repairs



So I was thinking about the current repair system for mainly air vehicles and I was thinking of having actual ground staff who would refuel and repair air vehicles, Not A.I Actual players. And I mean completely new slots, Maybe 2 or 3. The idea is that A helo comes in damaged and attempts to land on a designated repair pad which it can then request for Repair and refuel, Same goes for armed air vehicles, It can also request ammo rearm.


In the event the role isn't taken then the trucks can be used for the pilots themselves.


I can really see this role working well and gives off dynamic way of keeping the transport flowing, With no operational ground staff in a real airport the aircraft cannot do very much.


Anyway tell me what you think.

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So it would be someone's job to sit at base and repair damaged helis? Can't see that catching on


When we have trucks/crates that can do the same thing it will be quicker and easier for pilots to just do it themselves.

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