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I'D like to donate but I don't have Paypal


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Hi Ahoyworld Team,


I am playing very frequently during the last months on your servers and I would like to donate but here is the problem.

Do you guys can give me a chance or an opportunity to donate somehow else then using Paypal?


Thanks and regards,



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Hi Kullman,


Thanks for your interest and good intentions!  At the moment, we are using paypal as our sole donation platform, mostly because we pay our bills through paypal, and it's the most convenient and inexpensive way for us to manage the server's money.  If we received donations another way, we would have to then move the money into paypal... probably through another donation.


My suggestion for you would be to reach out to someone else who is comfortable or physically able to use paypal, and then make an arrangement with them (ie., you send them cash, they make a donation for you).


Best regards


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