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Problem with modules and AWE mod pack.

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@nuuthei500 I have to be honest with you it just looks like a bug. We almost never use alive with the standard AWE mods so we have no idea about proper compatibility. The best advice I can offer is to redownload the latest versions of alive and any mods you might think are causing a conflict. Good luck!

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To my knowledge there are several aspects of alive that are currently broken, but I'm not totally sure on exactly which parts they are.


@kennychr is going to be one of your best people to talk to as he's the one working with it for the MSO

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27 minutes ago, D34TH said:

any help with this error, got it in takistan map in the editor running the enhanced modset pls?


ERROR 1.jpg


Couple of things you can do:


Check your ace files against the repo, you might find an error. If not, delete your ace folder and re -download.


Force a Battleye update (this works most of the time)


The error its showing is just telling you Battleye is blocking the ace file from loading, so by either updating the file or updating it, you should fix it

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