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Zeus games on AWE?

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Yeah often you'll find that staff use Zeus to 'spice up' a gauntlet mission for players, this might mean there are secondary objectives, more hostiles or even enemy air support. It can get very fun and interesting.


Stop by on a Saturday night (GMT) and you're pretty much guaranteed to see a Zeus in action!

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29 minutes ago, Walk'N said:

Can we (the small members on AW) use/be Zeus on some game or it is needed to be admin?

As far as I know the current situations is:
-Anyone who is an enhanced moderator or core staff has access to zeus in AWE and thus can make zeus missions.
-Just because you're an admin doesn't mean you've got zeus access on AWE.
-There isn't currently such a thing as a spartan for AWE, you have to be a moderator to zeus there.

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