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Hello all!


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Call me Kilo for short.

I just picked up Arma 2 and the full collection not long ago. The first versions of the game are good, but the Vast improvement I've seen in Arma 3 absolutely blows every other FPS out there out of the water. I am a vet and this game has by far brought the battlefield right to your own backyard. Some of the depictions are incredible, and the graphics are All out, (just wish I had a machine worthy of them :D ). All in all so far my Arma experience has been great. I bought the Sponsorship Package for the Alpha to help show my support and I am looking into membership here as well. I enjoyed the first versions of the Invade and Annex, and now I have come to learn i want to be come a part of it as well. With new mission types and many other things that could make a wasteland scenario like this not only fun but maddening at the same time if you are not a skilled tactician. If i had a little tutoring with the editor I could even put out some serious SP missions just to have fun with. But I again am new and not as adept as most. I can only atm put my ideas down on paper and hope that my eagerness to dig into this game doesn't over impose its capabilities, though so far, there seem to be no limits!

I'm ready to have fun and Kick some butt!

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Heya Kilo! Glad to have you with us laddy and welcome to Ahoy World!


I'm fantastically excited that you're so enthusiastic about the mission and Ahoy World; it's because of people like yourself that we've come this far and, believe me, we're aiming for the top!


Any input you have on the mission (really, anything; danne suggested something on TeamSpeak today and I added it pretty much instantly), make sure you voice it!


I must head off now, but hopefully I'll see lots of you around in the future! See you in a bit and, once again, welcome to Ahoy World. :)

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The first thing I noticed were that you took the mortars out completely. I understand the purpose for this to a point. What if there were a way to add the mortar rounds in as a side mission reward or something to that effect. Mortars yes are annoying if someone can just sit back and launch all day long (ie. Me two days ago on a server killing hundreds of NPC's) So an unlimited number of mortars is essentially a bad idea, BUT and I use caps here because they are a strategic part to attacking any objective. Limiting the amount of Mortar rounds would provide the ground troops with enough targets to take shots at while calling in cover fire if needed. Also limiting the amount of mortars would reduce spamming them, and concentrate more on conservation and precision strikes on the enemy positions. So far from what I have tested of the newest version I have found very little other problems. Except for some physics issues with characters flying across the map at certain points when being shot, or when I was prone and had a GL round land very close to me it made me slide all over the map out of control until I went to crouch or standing position. Other than that everything else is running smoothly. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help and to play this wonderful mix of missions you've put together. Very well done bud!

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