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Rainbow Six: Siege

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@MurkyOwl, as I veteran I must advise against rushing into ranked. You will get paired up and against previous season platinums, diamonds and golds who want their rank back. You will either get carried into a rank which you cannot maintain yourself or you will be dropped near bronze where you might pickup alot of bad habits.



My advice is just to play casual until you hit 70-75, at which point you should be able to get through ranked without any real problems.



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On ‎3‎-‎6‎-‎2017 at 3:23 PM, MurkyOwl said:

@Cryo i was hoping i would get good from osmosis, but yea your idea's probably best

No, That isn't learning. That is being carried to a rank and realize you barely picked up any skills

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What I did was headed straight into ranked, landed in gold 4 and carried my own ass to plat 3.

Ranked as a game mode is being taken way too seriously IMO.

Even though I see the points made by Cryo, if you have a lot of FPS experience, playing ranked will benefit you the most.

Yeah you might get dumped into bronze but getting out of there isn't that difficult.


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