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Hello, or better, Ahoy mateys!

I am Gremlin/Mac.

I am on this forum for about a year now, but never really got to post my intro!


So, a bit about my ARMA self.

Been playing science steam ARMAII release. Dig the game, dig the teamwork, dig the epic scale. 

First having fun in editor, making training missions for myself. Then got into flying planes, then helicopters. Then stumbled upon the AW I&A and fell in love. Was a bit confusing at first, but forgive my first humble multiplayer steps. Took me awhile to get my fists tight and get onto VORTEX(I will explain my flight addiction in my IRL self part.)

and, again, fell in love. Science then was trying out the support roles, when they are required. If VTX, FSG, and DS are filled with players who are potent enough to fulfill these roles(and not crash a greyhawk into ghosthawk with mortars, ghosthawk with mortars into greyhawk, shoot ghosthawk with a mortar so it falls an greyh... ok, that is enough, you got the idea.) because of large amount of aspects it took me a pretty while of training to figure out the UAV's in editor.

The only thing I learnt on the go while playing on AW without editor preparations is the change in UAV lock-on system. Took a while to figure that now you need to just select a target.

Meanwhile piloting on VTX, stumbled upon luetin during one of his old Zeus events, and he linked me to his channel(on topic of helicopter effective landing), and I, of course started watching his streams on ARMA Zeus ops. Never thought of being a Zeus myself for some reason. And suddenly it struck me with... you know, Zeus, lightnings... nice joke, Huh?!


And here I am waiting for the decision on my Spartan application.


Now for the sakes of real me.

I am 20y. o. Student from Mazer Rassha, Moscow :D.

My passion for flight is pretty simply explained - I lived in Prague for more than half of my life, and flown back and forth between Moscow and Prague, science my parents live in these countries. And got bored of flying on passenger seat.

Currently own a Private Pilot License(PPL)

and Commecial Pilot License(CPL-IF-ME) last stand for extensions for in flight in bad weather conditions(Instrumental Flight) and Multi-Engine planes(ME).

hoping to get that ATPL(Airline Transport Pilot License), which will grant me access to work in civil aviation as Capitan pilot airliner. My dream is to work in Lufthansa.

lots'o'money, lots'o'flyin'.


I believe that people can be kind to each other despite controversial interests. 

Also I am an amateur writer. This is how I fall asleep. I create a midboggling blockbuster in my head. At 15% of the story a fall asleep. Otherwise I am not able to sleep. At some point figured that I probably should write something down. 


That at is it about me, mates, leave a comment, introduce yourselves!

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On 21.03.2017 at 4:58 AM, fir_nev said:

Hello there!


With all the blockbuster imaginations going on in your head, I am pretty sure players will have a blockbuster time playing Ur Zeus' missions!

Hope so... Yesterday tried out concept of convoy mission. Pretty tricky thing to make AI do what convoy does, because of really wonky nature of how vehicle squads handle road waypoints, but it is possible. Gonna throw this idea to active spartans on EU1.


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