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Next MSO discussion

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So I am currently building the next MSO, map etc. has been decided and I am currently deciding how we deploy and squad composition.


The map is fairly large and we are invading it so my first question is: Do you guys want to secure land and establish a FOB first and have LOGI fly\transport in supplies vehicles while you guys secure the immidiate area or do you want the easy way of some supplies setup at X point from the start ?

(it is in my oppinion that even taking a beachhead is going to be a fun and challenging process so it would sadden me to see it skipped)



Second question is: Seeing as this is a invading type of play and that the last MSO had 5 man teams setup its in my opinion that the standard : 1SL 2FT setup would fair better as  a fighting force against dug-in enemies, but what are your preferences ? 



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5 minutes ago, FrOzT said:

looking on the side of realism, i would like to see some logistics, as in landing groundtroops to secure a beach head, then fly in base supplies and vehicles and equipment...

but then again that's just me....:)

Same goes for me: I would love to see LOGI again and will be there to play as LOGI if there are actually usefull tasks like: bringing in ammo, fuel, spare weels, gear etc!:) I really don´t even need any real combat for LOGI as long as it feels really usefull!:)

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