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Hi o/

Pedro C

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"New" player here.


New to the AW servers. I've played once before, but now I started playing "more seriously" on this server. I've played as pilot and I loved going back and forth, transporting soldiers to their deat... the battle.


Hope to see on the battle field, and maybe I can give you a lift, or shoot some bad guys by your side :)

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nice to see im not the only new player on awe :) i have also been trying (kids,work and stuff) to play more seriosly as soon as i find the time:) super nice guys on the server and i always have a blast when i play, even if im a pretty new player too arma.. hope too se you on the battlefield


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Welcome! It is great to see new guys here. Hope you will enjoy your time in both the forums and servers.


Remember, do not team- or revenge-kill no matter what. Always report to an admin or use the report forms.



Btw, loving the Pocoyo avatar


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