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Fuel trucks



Back in I&A2 we had little fuel trucks that could be lifted by most helicopters.

They were super useful for the (common) times when a pilot crash lands far away from base and needs to be refueled.


Currently the only options we have are:


1. Drive a fuel truck - Not practical when on the other side of the map, you can't expect a player to spend 30+ mins driving to you


2. Get a repair specialist to refuel - This is a script which very rarely works, it's a great idea but until it's fixed it isn't a reliable solution 


3. Sling a Huron fuel container - Requires a Huron since no other heli can lift it, so if the Huron pilot isn't responding or if it's the Huron that needs to be refueled, you're screwed. Also since it needs to be close to the heli to refuel, the pilot slinging it can end up hitting the downed heli's rotor in an attempt to drop it close (the fuel truck can be driven closer instead)


This should be pretty easy to add as we'd only need a couple of them at base. 

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In the last version a small fuel depot was introduced, it is located just past the heli repair pad.  Located at this fuel depot are 1 liftable and 1 non-liftable huron fuel container and 3 liftable fuel barrels. The hemtt fuel is also still at the hemtt spawn.

The huron container can be lifted by the huron and i believe one of the versions of the taru.  The fuel barrels can be lifted by any helicopter (yes this includes the hummingbird).

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I understand your second point but I think it can be fixed, however I don't agree that a change should be needed. The way I see this idea is technically make it easier where you have plenty of options to refuel.

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5 hours ago, TheScar said:

quick fix :


add 1 liftable "small Fuel truck" like before on I+A2 to base (can be roped by GH)





Maybe have it as a temporary thing until they can fix the Repair Spec's Refueling script. But once and if they do fix it I think it should stay the same, Repair Specialist's are just as powerful and if you ask me more effective.

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Would have been nice if that could have been mention here.


Anyway they sound like good changes, though I'll miss the cute lil fuel truck :(


Stan's comment seemed to have came out of nowhere for me as well, hax?

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