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Gamenight Request Thread *New*

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Gamenight Request Thread


Submit your request in the Gamenight Request Form below


Click here for the form to submit your gamenight!


There are a few criteria that you must consider before posting a request.

  1. You MUST to give 3 weeks notice for any gamenight that requires a mission file being uploaded.
  2. You must send us a finished mission file at least 2 weeks before you want the event to take place. Either by posting a link to the mission in this thread or sent to Mouldy - The Event Manager (If it is an AWE gamenight - include the mission file in the initial form).
  3. You may be  required to be available to take part in the testing of your mission, this will be done using TADST, hosted on a staff member's pc.
  4. We reserve the right the cancel the event with notice. Or accommodate the mission as we see fit.
  5. A gamenight is preferable vanilla, or compliant with the AW Enhanced Modset. Custom mod requirements for missions are subjected to size and CoreStaff availability  (contact us before you start to not get disappointed) 


For every submission we will follow the same procedure, listed below.

  1. Week one: The mission concept will be evaluated by staff and an initial verdict will be given to you via forum message, if accepted, we will expect you to have the mission file ready for...
  2. Week two: Testing the mission will be overseen by at least one staff member, who will, by the end of the week give a final verdict on whether the mission can go ahead or not.
  3. Week three: Publicity will be given to your gamenight; a signup form and a brief will be posted on the forums and your event will go live on our calendar and steam group.
  4. Gamenight: depending on the demands of your mission, it will be overseen by at least one Moderator, Admin or Core Staff and feedback will be provided if requested. Performance of the mission in this final stage will be logged and 3 "catastrophic disasters" will result in a 6-month suspension from submitting gamenights.



If, for whatever reason during the testing phase the staff decide your mission is unsuitable for use on the server, you will be notified and given written feedback on what you need to improve for next time. We will attempt to work with you to address issues that we find, even changing the mission files ourselves if we have to - however, our willingness to do this is not guaranteed, nor should it be expected.

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Not to happy about this. I feel like it is a lot bureaucracy and nonsense for something that is supposed to be fun. I realize that it is trying to cut down on mistakes and broken missions, but i would have never learned if I was not allowed to fail and this also feels like it is really limiting the ideas that I can put forth as the idea itself needs to be approved. It kinda feels like my work and others is being claimed by AW. It is also incredibly hard to plan my life and others 3 weeks in advance for something that will only take an hour or two to play. This also seems like a very disruptive process, which I feel, in the long run will cut down significantly on the amount of creators willing to make missions. 


I really hope whoever decided to implement theses new guidelines can take another look at them and realize that they are way over the line for a gaming group.


I hope others see my point of view,


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I appreciate your point of view. However you might not recall previous game nights we've tried to run where the mission didn't work, or had enough problems that it was overall a frustrating experience.  As well, while developing a mission can be done on short notice, it's not fair to people who don't regularly play on the server - these people need advance notice to plan to attend.


I'd also like you to consider that in a way, these guidelines are already in place.  For example, you and I have traded messages about how to implement a certain feature in a mission, developed it, and then gotten it to a point where it was working enough that we could advertise it.


You have in the past been disappointed with low turnout to a game night, and I think part of that was that there simply wasn't enough lead time for people to get the message, and that's part of what these guidelines are meant to accomplish.


As a last point, these guidelines are (I think) intended for people who are brand new to submitting concepts / missions for game nights, I think if there is a pedigree of successful mission making then we can relax a bit on the development time of the mission and concentrate on the advertisement.


- R

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I don't see how this is so different from how it worked previously Ben.


Previously, scenarios would be submitted two weeks in advance. That's now three. Given how often we spend half an hour or longer waiting to get started, I can see why an extra week for testing might have been desirable.


As for planning, I'm hopeful that we'll start seeing regular weekend events. If that happens, it might not be necessary to plan the scenario choice that early, as there could well be backups in the form of previously played scenarios, Zeus-controlled ops, Shield or Gauntlet.


As for "Mission Concept Evaluation," well; if you were making a mission that might be deemed unfit and be denied, wouldn't you rather know about it before you put work into making it?


AW is the absolute most open and loose community I have ever been in, for better and worse. I've never before been in a community that didn't penalize people for signing up to an event and failing to show, for example.

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I am not saying that this is all bad and that some things couldn't help I just kinda think that it might be a step to far and it is really hard to plan what I will  be doing in 3 weeks time along with making the process much harder for new comers who want to give it a go. I also don't really think that the old system is bad and I didn't really see any flaws so this new on doesn't help that much. The main drawback with the old one was on the person who was running it not really testing. (I now try to do as much as possible before it is 'finished')


As for the time we spend in lobby. That has only ever once been my fault. Most of the time it is because people don't show or someone is having tech issues. 


I wanted to try and do weekly stuff but that was shot down almost a month ago for not being always able to fill up the slot with something. This to me was kinda BS as an admin or mod can always zeus something. Plus I have almost five or six missions that are ready to play so I think an over 2 month buffer is more than enough. 


I also don't really get what would be not accepted as part of 'Idea Evaluation' I am not ever going to make something that would just be a firing line on civilians or a thing where the zeus does nothing but kill the players it just doesn't make any sense. 


I don't really think advertisement will help all that much as the way I have read it the post only goes up in the final week. Also a lot of people just don't come on the forums. 


Also I have stopped designing mission that require large player turnout as I have seen a steady decline in players especially during the winter so I am not really annoyed by low player counts as it often makes things more manageable. 


This is just what I am putting out and of course these are opinions so feel free to disagree, and I'll be on later so we can talk more. Also if any staff would like to make a more long term schedule for these with me I am all ears and already have the content. Thanks,


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I’m not sure I would know how to deal with the file needed to be uploaded for GameNight request but I’ll try to summit my form and see what you guys think about a modded Fallujah storm gamenight. 


14 minutes ago, Minipily said:


I think that's why he posted in this thread, he's submitting a request.


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