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Changing of the Guard


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Congratulations Ryko!


Will be good to see some fresh leadership and ideas at AhoyWorld! 

Also excited to see which direction you take the community and team. Lets hope for a big fresh start and some much needed changes! Good luck to you and the team.


Fair winds to David.



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2 hours ago, MessedUpSmiley said:

New captain on the ship.

Fair seas to you Ryko and let's hope for some strong winds to get your ship sailing from all the damage that was done by the unfair seas.


P.S. can you re-brand AWE to EU#3? :P -- Sounds way more logical in comparison to the other two servers.


Or radical suggestion... AW1, AW2, AWE.

Regardless congrat to Ryko, interesting to see where we go from here.

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15 hours ago, Bloo Flar3 said:

Best term I can use is:




We've Had A Few Good


But It's Over Now


Been playing here since 2013; started with Raz, all good, moved to David, all good, why should it bomb now? Heck if there wasn't an announcement we'd probably not even have noticed.

I think most people who play on the servers don't even come on the forums and have no idea who anyone even is on staff, so don't really see this as any sort of demise.

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