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ATC: basic information document


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Hey guys,


On EU #2 a few days ago, @TomShen mentioned it would be cool if someone took on the role of air traffic controller (ATCo). We discussed it a bit, and he said he didn't really know enough about it to do it himself. Being a former ab-initio ATCo, I began explaining what we could do and would need, but for obvious reasons, the in-game chat isn't the best place to do that, so I told him I would make a document outlining some basic stuff and post it here. I just finished the first version decent enough for public release (v0.9) which you can download here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11459075/ArmA/AW/AW ATC - Pilot.pdf


It's based on real knowledge and manuals, trimmed down to what I think we could use in ArmA. I know that in general, the contents of this document are (WAAAAY) beyond the scope of our public servers, I'm just putting it out here because Tom requested the info, and who knows whether some of you may use it to some extent (perhaps on AWE?).


Not written in the document, but I would highly advise to only use this when you have voice communications (preferably Teamspeak, DEFINITELY NOT on Global, Side or Command chat!!) since typing everything will undoubtedly end in more than a few crashes... If you feel it's missing something, let me know, and I'll look into it. If it has no place in here, let it disappear in the abyss of old and long-forgotten topics. :)



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As said, I'm pretty sure it's too much for regular use on EU1/2, but I could try it some day, if the pilots present are willing to join in on the project.


AWE would make more sense, with their tacticool approach, but doesn't have the player base or focus on aviation to really need it. Maybe if you make the ATC guy function as the FAC/JTAC as well, or maybe on game nights?

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@Eagle-Eye: I enjoyed reading through your document. Even though this would take some substantial time on my side to learn you motivated me to try. I live near 21st. Air Force Base Caslav and some of my friends use radios to listen to pilots chatting with ATC and then spot approaching (or leaving) planes and helicopters with binos or cameras. To be able to more understand what they are saying is bonus cherry on top.

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Nice tutorial for people really wanting to try out JTAC on AWE, or just PlatCo's or even ASL's that want to

know how to guide pilots the best way.  +1 from me, I always love when command contacts me using air-force phraseology <3

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