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[AWE] [GAMENIGHT] Desert Storm Phase 2


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Author: Benjamin Levine


Where: AhoyWorld Enhanced

When: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Desert+Storm+Phase+2&iso=20170225T19&p1=%3A&ah=2 

If intending to play from the start, please assemble in mission planning, 10 minutes before the stated start time.

Who: USMC in Baghdad

Sign up: No

JIP: Yes

Respawn: No 




Although it proved exceedingly difficult to push through the desert for the USMC armoured division they still managed to secure several key FOBs outside of Baghdad. As 3rd Platoon, Baker Company, move through Baghdad and disable and liberate key infrastructure. You will be briefed in game with specifics and good luck. 




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Just so people know despite the changes to the leadership and readjustment of the gamenight system this is still happening as planned and will be good fun. Sorry that this kinda got lost in the mess, but a lot of new events hosted by me and others will hopefully become a more regular and better attended thing that will be great for the community. Thanks for the patience on this one and more will maybe be coming next weekend,



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