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Missing Mod


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So I followed this guide step by step: https://www.ahoyworld.net/awe/how-to-join-awe/
I didn't have any problems or hiccups during the process, everything went smoothly.

However, whenever I attempt to join the server, I get this error: (In the image attached)


I assume I am missing a mod or set of mods somewhere, but I am not sure what that mod would be.


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This is a well known Battleye bug. What you need to do is reconnect to the repo, and recheck your files against it. Hopefully the ace files you are missing will show up and you can re-download them.


This is the ideal fox for the issue, however, if that does fail, I have made a copy of my @ace folder. Available here.

If you end up downloading my copy, then all you need to do is go to your arma directory, and delete the @ace folder in there. Unzip this download and put it in your arma directory and all should be good.


In the mean time let me suggest you go head over here for all our discussion on the Enhanced Server, and check out the rules of AWE here. These rules are different to the ones displayed on the website, but are the most recent revision instead. In the same area you can find lots of useful information, if you are new to the server, on key gameplay dynamics.


Get back to us in this thread to let us know if this fix helps or not, and I look forward to seeing you on server





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I lied. I just noticed that the @ace mod was in the list of activated mods, so I tried moving the ace mod higher on the priority list. and when I attempted to connect, it appeared as though it was connecting, then jumped back out with this new message:



Should I track those files down and delete them? It does say remove. :\ But I don't understand what it means by keys so this is out of my league sadly.

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Yep make sure you turn off all visual and sound mods as none of them are accepted on server.

If you check out around 5-6pm UK local (GMT) tonight then I'm sure plenty more people will be around to ease you into your first AWE experience!


Glad it got fixed, see you on the server!


Sent from my OnePlus 3t using a phone app that is quite irritating.

Blame autocorrect.



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