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Some minor bugs with I&A3.1


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So i've been on both servers for a while and found some stuff:


On EU1, a sign that's playing hide and seek :):





On EU2 (and maybe also on EU1 but i didn't check):  

Infantry can still get in the copilot seat of the huron.  I checked the script (for EU2) and noticed that B_Heli_Transport_03_unarmed_F is missing.


And the last thing, also on EU2:

The sand camo ghosthawk's turret lock script doesn't work.  I believe this can be fixed by adding  B_CTRG_Heli_Transport_01_sand_F to all the fn_condition... files. (I also suggest adding B_CTRG_Heli_Transport_01_tropic_F

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1 minute ago, TheScar said:

biggest bug i see there is your horrid resolution!

Aaaaaaaaaaargh,my eyes - my wonderfull blue eyesssssss!





You know some of us are still at university and don't have the cash to buy computers that can run arma at high quality, so they just have to make due with their laptop.

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I found another small thing, not really a bug.  The changelog isn't ingame yet.  I've done some copying and pasting and here is it ready to put ingame:


So i was browsing the mission files again because i was, again, fed up with my homework.  I noticed how the changelog posted here on the forum isn't in the mission file yet.  So some copying and pasting later:


player createDiaryRecord ["changelog",
<br />- Moved bases.
<br />- Removed 2 of 5 Ghosthawks, replaced with 1 Huron + 1 Littlebird.
<br />- Added V-44 Vehicle Transport (needs Apex to fly).
<br />- Added Vehicle Lift Zone.
<br />- Changed the base boards.
<br />- Completely changed how Zeus users are handled.
<br />- Removed ability to spawn Hunters/Prowlers.
<br />- Added more flares to rotorcraft (still needs tweaking).
<br />- Added Pilot Respawn.
<br />- Changed loading screen image.

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I just found something related to this:  On tanoa some of the diary records are bugged.  And the reason why is in the following piece of the code:



player createDiaryRecord ["rules",
"Player Report",
<br />If you see any player breaking the rules and you can`t find an admin ingame or on Teamspeak, there are several methods you can use:
<br />1. Find the player report boards at base and scan the QR code.
<br />2. Go to ahoyworld.net/pr
<br />3. Go to  our website, under player tools select "whistle".

Arma freaks on the double quote marks around the whistle.  Change them to singles and problem should be solved.


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