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Long time Arma player, multiplayer newbie


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So I tried AhoyWorld for the first time last night, after watching one of Leutin09's videos.  Sure enough I bumped into TheScar the second I joined AW EU1 :D He was thrilled to see another newb I'm sure.


Anyway, I've been playing ARMA (or should I say Operation Flashpoint!) since the original OFP.  I remember playing OFP1 online with some dutch guys many moons ago, but since then things have got in the way, family, renovations, work, the usual stuff.  I still don't get much time to spend online but having spent a couple of hours last night on this, I think I've found something I could sink my teeth into.  


I'd love to get a bit more involved, but with 2 young kids, time is a bit of a premium so I'm unlikely to be able to guarantee a timeslot every week!  I'm a software developer with 10 years experience having graduated in 2005, so would be very interested in helping out with any of the techy parts of the community.  (Speaking of which, the OAuth link to sign up with Google is broken, as is the link to the "Introduction Forum" in the message sent to me when I signed up :) )


Hope to see you all online.  I'm "Jimbo" on both Arma and Teamspeak


Shoutout to the guys I played with last night, sorry I can't remember all the tags exactly!






and anyone else I forgot


And that Drunken Pilot! Good flying.

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