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AWE Training nights

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Hi guys, 

SkullCollector, Amentes and I will begin providing regular training sessions as detailed here.


These sessions are going to be run on Thursdays and other days are still to be decided.

We will create a topic underlining the specific sessions that are taking place on these days and will take feedback from the community as to what they feel is needed to improve the gameplay experience on the server.

The first sessions will be covering the basics of the enhanced server to ensure a baseline for the community and then we will begin to cover more specialised roles and tactics. 

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Self-confessed beginner here, this would be great.  I've dipped in and out of a few online gaming communities but thus far AhoyWorld and Arma3 in general has been the most welcoming.  I played through all of the single-player campaigns from OFP through to Arma3 over the years, but joining the AW Enhanced server last night was an eye-opener.  Lots to learn, but it looks immensely rewarding.


p.s. thanks @SeigeSix for helping me get connected last night!

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On 5/4/2017 at 1:39 PM, fir_nev said:

@Lindi If U are unable to make it, U can learn as U play. Veterans are very helpful. Right now, ShadowAce11 is mentoring me whenever we have the time.

Yes indeed!


I have been getting incredibly many good tips and tricks from a great many people on the server, but I'd like to be prepared when the poo hits the fan! :)

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