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Hi everyone!


Im new to arma and defiantly arma multiplayer, Im not a hardcore gamer but what drew me to arma is the realism, just running around killing mindlessly isnt as fun as coop missions in my opinion. I watched a lot of videos put up by lutein, to learn more and get better at the game, it seemed that this was a good place for me to find what I am looking for! any help/ tips will be greatly appreciated!!  

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Hello and welcome if you are looking for coop missions and play with a squad and work as a team you should check out AWE jump on team speak and have a look in the setup room or just anyone for help we are all very friendly and willing to help

Sent from my Archos 55 Platinum using a phone app that is really irritating because it constantly advertises itself.

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Thanks guys! Im definitely going to check out the enhanced server, I hopped on a public server last night, i think it was the EU1. Had a great time, actually got to work with some people as a team, oddly enough it put me as team leader (i did not pick it).


Im having a problem setting up the team speak, i followed the directions and when i go to open the task force radio file, i cant any ideas?

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