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Tank Training-[Training AWE] 2/1/17

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Tank Training before OP- Desert Storm


Where: AWE 

When: 2/1/17  

Time: 19:30 GMT 


Have a chance to work as a team and work on your tanking skills for an hour or two before before Friday's game night. This is meant for all levels of tankers as mostly just some time to get practice with tanks.

Topics we will cover:

1. Ammo Management and Types 

2. Tank Commanding 

3. Tanking Driving

4. Tank Gunning and Tank Systems 

6. Range Time

5. A Small Scale Mission


No need to sign up just show up and be ready to blow shit up. Or you can post bellow if you are attending. 






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Problem is, often if a tank crew holds fire, or waits for explicit permission, whatever they're seeing might start shooting at them.


It's far less cut-and-dried than an aerial vehicle which can bug out fairly quickly if it sees a threat to itself.


If you have armor in the field, expect to use it extensively, or expect to lose it quickly.


Incidentally, this is also why I dislike using it outside of specifically tailored missions.

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People need to keep in mind that Gauntlet has changed in design since the old mindset of "if Hammer walks into the AO, it will end up clearing it, leaving no fun for infantry".  Ambient AI is now a key component of the mission (if you run Gauntlet without Ambient AI, the old adages remain true). If you leave base with tanks or gunships, expect additional enemies to spawn that are equipped to deal with tanks or gunships.

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The purpose of this training is mostly for the gamenight but will of course apply to tanking in guantlet. The problem I see with hammer is there just usually isn't a proper command structure or component tank commander that can make the right calls. Hopefully this training can address some of these.

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8 minutes ago, BenjaminHL said:

I forgot this guide because of its age but it still is very good and well written. We will be covering almost everything said in it in a practical way this Wednesday, and @Minipily if you wanna come and help teach please do!



Oh yeah mate I'd love to join, just go ahead and ask the moderators, I'm sure they'll reserve a seat for me. :grin-min:

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43 minutes ago, BenjaminHL said:

Oh sorry forgot. Can someone unban @Minipily for just Wednesday the first? 


Also on a side note anyone that feels that they are sufficiently good in a tank and would like to help teach this training session please pm me. 


Doubt that is going to happen, me and staff aren't really on the best terms most the time if I'm honest. 


If you want someone that has the knowledge I have, Jochem can come along and teach, he's my gunner first and last and he'll teach ya'll what I know. ;)

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1 hour ago, BenjaminHL said:

Although not a ton of people have replied saying they will be coming there is usually a solid player base on Wednesdays and I will assume most will want to participate and learn a little. To put it simply this training is on schedule. 


I would love to assist in help training if you need a hand. I know a lot of things regarding commandeering, gunning and driving. Also how to efficiently use a language everyone can understand (new or skilled)

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