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So I'd like to make a suggestion about keeping things permanent days, I understand that nights adds a new dimension to things etc, but the AI can see you a mile off while you struggle to see them anything from 100m and over. It gets really frustrating after a little while and ends up I've noticed with people logging off. Let me know your thoughts thanks.

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If a mortar gunner is online you can ask him to send some flares to the AO.  Same goes for a grenadier, he can shoot flares too.
And as far as i know AI can't see through the dark better than we can.  But if there happens to be a spartan online and everyone is walking around with their IR lasers on i wouldn't be surprised if an enemy jet suddenly starts doing gun runs on their positions.  
And people log off for many reasons, for example they can't take a sniper rifle as a medic or an admin doesn't spawn something for them.
I personally like the night, it's easy to see where your rounds are going as a machine gunner. Just my opinion.

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