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Any Star Craft II players?


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I am a newbie to the Star Craft Universe but I have successfully lead Jim Raynor and his Raiders to victory on Char and Commanded the Swarm to bring down the ternary on Mengsk and the Dominion.  And I am starting to feel brave enough to take on some multilayer  if anyone wants to jump into a friendly match up or team up in a game.  Let me know!  Haven't picked a Race yet, but I am leaning towards the Terrans.


Let me know If you Havant played yet, I would recommend this to any Sci-Fi RTS fan!

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Totally should be around a little bit tonight and tomorrow afternoon from 5ish

Also Friday I will be off all day for the bank Holidays... If I am off TS then send me a messege on TS.  Or skype :P (I am very reachable)  Skype address is on my profile page I believe fyi.

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