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New Repo Issue?

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yeah ive done that all the way from 5.5GB haha. Its all good, think I fixed the problem, will delete this pointless thread xD




Ok, dont know how to delete this thread but If anyone feels like doing so, i'd appreciate it :)

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I'm planning on doing a write up of how to get the modset for AWE using FTP rather than ArmA3Sync.  My problem with ArmA3Sync is it will just fall over during the download of the modset and refuse to pickup where it left off.   And I should admit to being in the USA where we pay too much for sh*tty Internet connections and our ping times are lousy because the packets have to travel over an transatlantic cable.  I guess what I'm saying is this is probably a problem where ArmA3Sync doesn't like sh*tty connections.


The downside is FTP doesn't know if your local file matches the repository, so you can end up downloading more files than you need, but you can figure that out through ArmA3Sync.  Still better than not being able to get the modset at all.


Like I said, write up coming soon...  Or maybe someone knows how to fix this with ArmA3Sync and I don't have to write squat. :)



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