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Dirty bomb


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Hello everyone, 


I started to spread the word of AW into Dirty bomb, an FPS game with an extremely high pace compared to Arma 3. It takes place in an abandoned London after a dirty bomb (how fitting) went off and Mercs are now using it to earn cash and bragging rights.


I hope to see some of you lads there on the team, teaching some snipers some manners ;)

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6 hours ago, Fabs said:

I've player dirty bomb on and off since it's release, unfortunately though the playerbase have dropped down to non-existent numbers... Can't even now adays find a ranked game. Great game though, just really a grind to get mercs.

They released an update called the MOFO update, standing for Map Overhaul and Framerate Optimization. It's player base has skyrocketed, ranked is going to be restarted to hopefully people will be interested in it.

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