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[EU#3] [GAMENIGHT ] Invade Utes


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What: EU#3 Gamenight - Invade Utes

Data & Time: Saturday 28th of January @ 18:45 UTC

Where: EU#3

Requirements: EU#3 Mods

Optional mods: None


Date and Time


Hello everyone,


Saturday the 28th Benjamin will be hosting a mission;




Russian expeditionary forces have seized the Island of Utes for its water access along with ports much like Crimea.  Unlike last time the international community is not standing for Russia's conquest and a worldwide coalition has formed, led by the US.  The USS Khe Sanh is dispatching you, its first Marine platoon, on the first wave to retake Utes. Good luck Marines!


Additional Info:

Join-in-progress = Yes;

Respawn = Yes;

Min playercount = 24;

Max playercount= 44;


Sign Up:




Hope you can all make it there, any questions let us know through the thread or message us privately.





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ideas how to solve the eu3 connection issues?

after loading mission file, depending on map size i can move for a couple of seconds (today on utes) . then it lags out again to the loading screen - badly (pretty much windows gets locked up), until battle eye kicks me.


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