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Hi All!


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I have recently started playing ARMA 3 - I have come from Battlefield (and maybe a little bit of COD) but feel the slower pace and more tactical side is more fun these days....


I have played on a few public servers which was interesting but then I came across the AHOY servers, I haven't played on them yet as I am still learning the ropes and controls.


TeamSpeak - I have never used it..... I am assuming I just download it from 'teamspeak.com' and point it to the AHOY team speak server?


When I get a bit more used to the game I would really like to be involved in the ZEUS / Game Nights but I have a few more hours of play time before I would be of any use! What sort of times do these take place?


Any tips? Or is it practice, practice and more practice?


Does anyone know any good single player scenarios from STEAM that would be worth while me playing through?


Thanks for any info



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Welcome, I am sure that you will fit in well even though you are more of an arcade shooter person. I can assure you that there are plenty of guides online ranging from basic movement and controls to helicopter flight and formations!


Hope you enjoy your stay here! :) 

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Hey Karl, welcome here.


My first advise is: to get us... know you ...so we can judge if you would be a person fit with the power of zeus, one of the best ways to do it is with...teamspeak.

Learnng to get a feel for the game is hard, arma 3 is a very versatile game and the flow of a mission can be diffrent from time to time depending on many things.  There are some basics, youll learn them quick enough by the hard learning way. Anyways, 


goodluck and have fun here!


PS: @Chutnut plz keep an eye on the use of bold, big letters costs ink and ahoy dosnt have a office-equipment sponsor (yet) so the staff has to buy it themself; keep it small works aswell...really, it does!

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