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Hello there AhoyWorld community!


I am tombguy5 (or Sgt R. Berezon in ArmA III)


I actually joined a while back (roughly 4 days ago and I introducing myself now) I am 16 and I live in Canada (eh') I came across the AhoyWorld server in ArmA III  and I decided to join the community. I thought it was one of the best domination servers out there! I also have some decent experience in scripting in ArmA III. So if you ever need help, just give me a shout and I'll see what I can do to assist. Anyways, there's a nice community in AhoyWorld which gives off a positive 'vibe' which I like to see :) As mentioned above, I currently play ArmA III, and I believe that is all there is to know about me!



P.S. I am deaf with a cochlear implant (<-- Google it) so I may have troubles listening to voices on TS3 and in ArmA III with all the background noise from say... a helicopter, but I try my best to understand.  ;)  (oh the miracles of technology, without it I wouldn't be able to hear a thing!) Aaaaaand that's definitely all there is to know about me  :D

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Welcome, laddy! Glad to have you on board!


Starting next week I'll be horrendously busy, so I'll try and guide you through the coding of our domination mission and you can help me improve it. :)

Will do! I have a few ideas that may not be hard implement into the mission... with your approval of course.

I will do my best to assist you with the mission.

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