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Greetings we must =p


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Hi all. 


Nice to e-meet you all ^_^.


I'm Cyan, also know as Nate / Nathan - not fussed which ;p. You'll find me often on the EU#1 / EU#2 server, so if you see me say hello i don't bite. 


I've been kicking around on the AW servers for sometime now, but just recently made the AW forum account >_<.


I personally love playing the role of Zeus, but when that's not an option i tend to be a marksmen - like nearly everyone else lol. Once i hit the requirements i will be applying for the Spartan program here on AW. If you're interested in running any Zeus ops with me before then, drop me a message. I have quite the collection of OPS to run with people that ranges from skill level, player count, mod requirements etc etc.


I have actually run my own server in the past, but didn't really focus on it for too long, my other passion in life took over a little - being self employed does that to you >_<.


Anyways, cya on the battlefield.

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12 hours ago, IOnceWasATeddy said:


Zeusing on a 60player server is a whole 'nother ball game. But it can be fun at times.


Welcome anyhow.




And yea i know, I've done it a couple of times in the past ^_^.

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