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Impromptu Gamenight- [1/14/17] Operation Carbon Black

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I was not planning on being around this weekend and hence I was not going to put this up for play but I am sick at home and hopefully this will be fun.


Operation Carbon Black 


Time: 7:00 GMT/ 1:45 EST

Where: AWE

Requirements: AWE default modest

No respawn



NO minimum player count

NO sign up necessary 



On Isla Duala arms trading and diamond dealing warlords have taken over and have been gaining more and more power over the local government. The Dualan government made a secret deal with the British to dispatch a section of the SAS to disrupt the militia in the area along with rescuing a captured British national. 


1. Intercept an arms deal and gather intel about the militia kingpin as well as the British hostage. 

2. Kill the Kingpin 

3. Rescue the British national

4. Extract 


Once again all that is necessary to play is for you to show up and have a good time. 





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