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Operation Gudbrand

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A new year, time for  MSO op's! Folowing is a opord for a weekly event i am going to hold on eu6 when i finish of tweaking the mission a bit more!


The gameplay is going to be centered around driving back enemies from the map and finding intel about their installations via gathering intel from locals and observing civilian\enemy movement.


General Info


This mission is a multi session operation or MSO for short.

If you played MSO in A2 you will know what the general idea is, if not: MSO is a mission that is designed to take multiple sessions to complete, it can either be a straight up invasion of a place or as in this case,a asymmetrical setup where you are fighting guerrilla\insurgents.

How multiple session is handled is that after each event I hold the server\mission state gets saved to a database.


Mission Specific Info



As this first MSO is setup as a asymmetrical mission the first hour can be slow as enemies are setting up and moving out. They will over time setup multiple types of installations: Recruitment centers,Ammo caches, IED factories etc.


Player Squads

1x cmd element: cmd,medic,rto

3x Squads: Teamleader,3 riflemen,medic

1x LOGI squad: Teamlead,4 riflemen

1x Medical Evacuation Unit: this is inactive atm.


The reasoning for thisnstyle of setup both in size and just riflemen is that the loadouts can be fluid. As this playstyle is centered around patrols and observation instead of large scale attacks its expected that each squad varies their loadout to the task at hand. 




Assortment of wheeled vehicles.


Weapon boxes located at HQ 



Time of event(recurring)


Fridays 1700UTC


Squadlead Signups!




Other slots are open for anyone who shows, this is to encourage mixing of players to get a better mix and let new players join with more experienced ones. Rule,of thumb is to fill up Alpha the so on.


I expect squadleads\teamleads to conduct them selves in a professional manner and behave and also instill this demeanor on the squad.







   Task organisation - AW forces


  Timezone - 0700 Local Time Zone.


  Area of Interest – Western Altis


  Area of Operation - Western Altis


     Observations and Fields of Fire -The island of Altis has seen an insurrectionn of ultra-nationalists(UNA) which quickly took over the West of Altis and is starting to spread towards the East.


     Avenues of Approach - 1 MSR splitting SE of the main airfield, there is also dirt roads on both sides of the main airfield


     Key Terrain – The main airfield and area surrounding it and the MSR running parallel to the terminal as this enables transport of heavy equipment


     Obstacles - No obstacles spotted as of 01/01 when intel was gathered by sattelite, but expect roadblocks at key points to towns.


     Cover and Concealment – Foliage,trees and ditches


     Weather - It is forecasted that the weather will be sunny and clear.


Enemy Forces


     Composition -  Enemy forces are confirmed to be light infantry with sporadic mechanized vehicles such as Technical’s or BTRs. Their gear quality is poor apart from captured vehicles and weaponry and  their moral is high due to the successful coup.




     MPCOA -  The enemy's most probable course of action is to establish recruitment spots in towns to get civillian to join their cause, also expect ambushes and IED's in various forms as they start regrouping after the coup.


MDCOA - The enemy's most dangerous course of action is that they can start attacking the local civilians to break their morale and turn the civilians into joining them.


Friendly Forces


ADF has seen a significant decrease in funding in the past decade and therefore they have no real means to support us.




Civilian Considerations


     End State - Civilian endstate is to cause minimal destruction to the buildings that still stand for future rebuilding projects.


     Presence – The civilians that remain in the town are either forced to be there or supporters of the UNA. Any civilian that moves towards you with either a vest or weapon of any kind is a threat and thus is handled accordingly. Ask civilians for information about the enemy and any known\rumored installations


  Attachments and Detachments



MISSION - It is the mission of AWF

to establish a FOB near\on the main airfield and conduct patrols into Western Altis to root out forces and destroy any enemy installations they have set-up




  Commanders Intent - The commanders’ intent is that AWF Assaults and clear Altis Main Airfield. Logi sets up a fob\resupply point and the main forces starts patroling into western Altis


  Scheme of Fires - We have no indirect fire support,  however this may change whilst the Operation is being executed.





     Transportation – By truck(s)

     Maintenance - None


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Looks interesting, should it be something to kick off then I wouldn't mind helping out if positions are open.


Need any leaders then I'd be up for it, assuming I'm not banned off of Eu6, doubt it :derp-min:

Either way which ever way, this is something that sparks my interest, hopefully it kicks off.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry I havent followed up, busy week and all. Im doing a final test tomorrow to see if all the tweaks I made are ok. Then I am going to write up in more detail what this is about and what you as players can expect. Also time and date will also get put up on same post. But expect the event to kick-off next week sometime(thats what I am aiming for ;)

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So I really enjoyed this, though I think in general people could have done well against a slightly increased enemy presence (not sure how much that can be set with ALIVE). Also, I didn't get much of the insurgency aspect of the mission (IED factories, interrogating people) but maybe we just didn't encounter those kinds of things - we just ran into enemy patrols and killed them.  And there weren't that many of them.


I think securing the area around the engagement zone was a sound decision, and we did encounter patrols, but really I'm guessing the real action is in the enemy held territory.

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Charlie had a decent amount of contact when taking DEPOT1 and clearing Lakka. I'm almost certain we encountered the easternmost installation there, so as we push further, we can expect to find more interesting things. If we decide to patrol BLUFOR territory, then yes, please do ramp up enemy presence.


But I agree, it was a great mission. The feedback I got from my team was resonating the same way. It's a welcome change of pace.

One thing I'd like to add is to either push back the start time one hour or just be on-schedule next week without waiting for anyone. Sitting in the lobby for as long as we did was borderline mind-numbing.

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