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In-game name when banned: TheScar

What message displays when you attempt to connect? Admin Ban

Why do you think you were banned? i got my Hunter stolen and hunted down the offender with a Titan + killing 2 "associates in crime" in the process

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? Rrrrrright,altho i got warned (multiple) times not to - on that particular evening i didnt care about and took "justice" in my own hands and hunted em down.
I just got online and was loading a Hunter (not a HMG) as usual,as a guy named "matteo" took it while i was @ Arsenal procedure.
I typed 2 sentences in chat in order to make him stop and return my car,but got no response from him.
Spawned me a new Hunter,and pursuit em while watching map for their route.
Catched em just before they crossed the nxt hill line and took em down by a locked Ttan while i was aware the offender hat 2 "associates in crime" on board that prop. were not aware of the action of the driver.
Got banned as i was back in base.

Ofc i m aware of the ruleset and like mentioned above i got warned about this "a few times" (by Zissou 2015,Mk 2016) in the past 2 years.
And i could of had choosen a smarter way of solving this issue (get a ZEUS,get a admin,drop the issue + move on,fire a AP shell and not a AT one) but i didnt give it a thougt and just gone for "pure revenge".
I´m sorry for taking down 2 players with the offender that prop were innocenct (Darko,not sure on the other guys name)
I´m not sorry for taking down the offender. (matteo)
I waited 2 days before filling this appeal just to reflect my position on the issues with a bit distance,but thats the best i m willing to come up with.

I m not appealing for a removal of the ban,but i m vouching for a time limit of this ban.
For various reasons as EU1 is my home and i m aware of there s no other game/server that keep me occupied with A3 as (my) beloved EU1.
Finding a new occupation likewise is a though one.
Therefor i pledge for a removal (0,5% chance) or time limit (30%) on this ban or a verification of the ban being kept up (69,5%).
In the end,i m not that kind of a bad guy "some" might assume i am,altho i sure got issues - the good does outweight the bad most of the times.
I rest my case.

Which administrator banned you (if known): Sozio

When were you banned: 10.01.17 est.21.15

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I understand you get frustrated by people "stealing" the vehicle, especially when you have load of your stuff loaded in it, I has happened to me as well. I do warn people not to steal vehicles, but sometimes it`s hard to track that. Either way, it is no reason/excuse to decide to take matters in your hands.


As you said, contacting a Zeus or a admin would have been the best thing to do. I am glad you took a day or two to think about it and not post a angry ban appeal.


Ban appeal SUCCESSFUL, ban lifted.



Community Referee


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