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Arma 3 Memory Errors


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I wanted to ask if anybody was getting similar errors to what I have (picture of an example below). I have searched for issues like this but found no resolution; it seems as though this is just something that has to be dealt with.

If anybody has had or knows how to fix things like this, please let me know. It is becoming rare to be able to play on EU3 for more than an hour or so. 


Additional thoughts in here:



I can play as long as I want on EU1 without a problem, leading me to think it's not an Arma issue specifically but more EU3's reliance on a blend between the game and TS3. I know everybody at one point has had problems with either ACRE or TFAR freezing up and kicking them out of the EU3 channel, but I've never heard of people having memory crashes. 


Memory Error.PNG

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I've only seen that error once in as far back as I can remember.


I do get memory leaks on both #1 and #3, symptoms being identical, but it tends to happen quicker on #1, often when entering or exiting the Zeus interface.


Maybe it's your own version of memory leak?

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Depending on how much ram you have this can be a useful solution (8-16gb):

1. Set up a mod set in the vanilla launcher and use it to launch your game instead 

2. Go to parameters 

3. Go to memory allocator 

4. Type system 

5. Change the amount of cores to however many you have including hyper threading if applicable in that parameter

7. Enable hyper threading parameter


This helps as it uses almost all of your system memory and has help me greatly. Also the more ram you have the better this fix is.



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You may want to talk to @Nicolai about memory problems, also keep your task manager open during play on a second monitor if possible, to see how much Arma is taking. If it's going over 3GB, then it's like that the game crashes because it's maxed out on memory allocation.  Ever since 1.6x (Apex? Perhaps earlier) they changed something in Arma that opened up a memory error that they still haven't nailed down.

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18 hours ago, ShadowAce11 said:

If anybody has had or knows how to fix things like this, please let me know. It is becoming rare to be able to play on EU3 for more than an hour or so. 



I know this error message very well and I think too, that there is no fix available for this and this needs to be dealt with.


Workaround: change your gaming habits.


How I'm doin' it: once the map changes on the AWE server, I will pick a slot and go into the game. Then I load some loadout matching the slot and complete it for the mission ahead and save it. After that I tell my my teammates and especially my TL, my SL or other direct sup, that I will then restart the game client and subsequently slot to the same slot as before then load the prepared loadout to be ready for the mission. This only takes a few minutes and is only really needed after a change of maps.


Then I can usually play many missions in a row on that same new map without seeing this error at all.. and most important: I can play without crashing with that same error in the middle of a mission.


Once the map changes again, repeat..


The restart of the game client fixes any residual negative effects from memory fragmentation, excessive use of memory due to leaks in the software - it creates a clean slate, that will help to minimize the detrimental effects of memory bugs on your gameplay. It's sufficient to restart arma3.exe only, it's not required to restart Windows as well.


This is the most effective workaround for this that I've seen, yet, and doesn't involve changing any configuration or runtime parameter of the game whatsoever. This also works with any sort of memory allocator and also helps people who need to have even more space for the curator module in the limited amount of addressable RAM that arma3.exe has in 32-bit, than the regular player.


Because it was mentioned: there are a number of different drop in memory allocators available for the game, which are even whitelisted in Battleye (most notably the TBB4 from BIS and the CMA, formerly known as xtbbmalloc from the community, that can also use large pages), so that they can be used on AWE. However, just using those instead of the vanilla, doesn't fix that particular problem at all, that you're having. However, using them can delay its occurrence, which doesn't make things actually any better with regard to this particular issue, when not adhering to above restart procedure at the same time.


Ryko has already summarized, what I know about the reasons for this, too.. good luck!

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Thank you all for your quick and helpful replies. I haven't had a chance to try all these out just yet, but I'll certainly keep this updated and let everybody know what works best for me. Given I have a barebones gaming setup, which is approaching something like 5 years old, I wouldn't be too surprised if it was memory starting to go bad (I've pretty well got a new computer ready to buy and assemble, but I'm lacking the funds necessary for it, so this cheap hunk of hardware will probably be lasting me for another year or two). 


If nothing else, I can always just hope the Arma devs come out with both optimization and this memory crash fix within the semi-distant future.

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